4 Ideas For Giving A Great Wedding Speech


Giving a wedding speech is a serious assignment and you should get prepared for it – its an important moment and you must be in the best shape and don’t ruin it. I think everyone’s been to a wedding with a bombed wedding speech and all of those people will remember how awkward these moments can be. All bad wedding speeches can be really different (too long, too embarrassing, too short, too emotional, too critical), while all great wedding speeches have a lot in common. We’ve selected some important tips for you to remember if you need to make your speech ideal.

  1. You should rely on preparation, not on inspiration. While we may be truly inspired when we are alone in our bedrooms, don’t count on it while standing in front of 200 guests at your friend’s wedding. Its also alright to use notecards. Actually, if you don’t you may be delusional.
  2. Humor is king. Being funny is good. When you make people laugh, you make them happy. So, its really nice idea to start your speech with a some appropriate humor to make people tuned and laughing with you. This will also guarantee that people will be following your speech. Anyway, its not a great idea o make the whole speech into anecdote.
  3. If you don’t have something nice to say – don’t make a speech. If you still don’t have a chance to avoid the assignment – I’m sure you’ll have some nice thoughts to share about the bride and the groom.
  4. Five minutes maximum. The speech shouldn’t be too long, it also shouldn’t be too short. The two-drink, five-minute maximum rule will keep you in check. Be sure you’ve had only two drinks before giving your speech. That’s quite enough to feel a warm tinkle, but not too much to have you blending your words and making unpleasant jokes. Try keeping keep things short and sweet. Five minutes is the perfect amount of time for a nice wedding speech

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