5 Amazing Wedding Dresses for 2016 wedding season

Recently, there are few best wedding dresses information have been revealed for upcoming 2016. Let’s take a look on the the best 5 wedding dresses for 2016.

1. Wedding Dress Armonia Driada


If you are thinking about a ball gown as your wedding dress then this would be the perfect option for you. In the upcoming collection for 2016, this ball gown armonia Driada is very elite in quality and its overall looking. For now, only ivory and white color are available from the manufacturer Armonia, Ukraine.

2. Wedding Dress Armonia Assol


Wedding Drees Armonia Assol is one of the best collections in 2016 collection. Ivory and white color is available for this wedding dress. Armonia, Ukraine is the manufacture of this wedding Armonia Assol. If you want to make your bride surprise with an epic wedding dress, it would be a great choice for you indeed.

3. Wedding Dress Armonia Bel


Wedding Dress Armonia Bel is also known as mermaid. To be honest, the bride would look like a mermaid wearing this dress. The bottom part of this dress is very lucrative along with work on this dress is so exquisite. White and Ivory color is available for this dress. Armonia, Ukraine is the exclusive manufacturer of it.

4. Wedding Dress Armonia Avrora


Wedding Dress Armonia Avrora is a kind of ball gown that will tremendously suit great on the brides. The elegant design and exquisite work on this wedding dress have made it unique. There are white and Ivory colors exclusively available.

5. Wedding Dress Armonia Vendi


Wedding Dress Armonia Vendi is a latest wedding dress in the market available for coming new year. Two exclusive colors are available for this armonia vendi. One is ivory and another one is white. The ivory one looks very elegant and elite on the new bride. On the other hand, the white is such elegant that any bride who is true fashion conscious will just snatch this dress away.

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