5 Extreme Wedding Ideas


When a couple ties the knot, it has to be something special. Besides, it only happens once in a lifetime. Here are 5 ideas for crazy weddings:

1) Bungee Jumping

You are going to encounter “til death do us part” when you exchange vows and you can put that to the test right away if you do it when you bungee jump. It is pretty extreme so make sure both of you won’t vomit after exchanging vows.

2) Run a Marathon

If both of you are used to running then you can both run a marathon then exchange vows on the finish line. You won’t be out of breath by the time you reach the finish line if you are used to running marathons. It won’t be smart to be in heels if this is your plan so be in running shoes and just tell the photographers to not include the shoes in the picture.

3) Snowboarding

If you both like winter sports then there is nothing like exchanging vows while both of you are snowboarding. It is going to be one wedding where you are heavily clothes and there is nothing wrong with trying it out if you decide to get hitched in the winter.

4) Out of Space

You don’t have to rent an entire space craft just for your wedding as that would be very pricey. You can join an astronaut training course and you can have the special people in your life join in as well. That is definitely taking it to the extreme and it is going to make for a mad album.

5) Parasailing

There is nothing like exchanging vows up in the sky while a speedboat is pulling both of you. It is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience and both of you can look back at the experience as an unforgettable one.

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