Choosing Those Extra Special Touches For Your Reception


Bands, DJs and Entertainment

Music might be more a prerequisite than an added touch, but getting the right DJ or band can certainly add a special touch to any reception and your big day. Hence, when it comes to getting wedding music right, by far the best advice is to save yourself a whole lot of stress, time and effort (you could be otherwise putting towards finding that dream dress or killer cake) by making use of a wedding band, DJ and Entertainment booking agent, such as Band Hire UK.

Further, and for those those unfamiliar with what exactly a wedding band and / or DJ booking agent does, band hire agents like Band Hire UK, don’t just makes searching for, finding and hiring with confidence and protection possible; band hire companies mean that for those wanting both a band and DJ or additional special touch of an entertainer on their big day, couples can consolidate all their wedding entertainment needs whilst sitting with a brew (or glass of something a little stronger perhaps) and their spouse to be and actually enjoy finding their perfect performers, whatever form they might take.

Centre Pieces, Props and Bright Ideas

Light is a big part of almost every wedding reception, from strings of fairy lights to DIY jars filled with floating candles dotted along tables. Light is not just a means though of adding a bit of sparkle to what is often an otherwise poorly lit venue, especially come evening; light is massively symbolic. The idea of illuminating a room full of the people at the forefront and so most important within your life and shedding a bit of magical glitz over a day or evening in which two families unite as one is truly special.

One alternative or even addition to the (seemingly these days) obligatory tea light centre pieces or waterfalls of fairy lights, is to consider light up lettering. The versatility and creative scope permitted by opting to hire light up lettering, like that provided by Light It Up UK, is huge. From head table centre pieces such as ‘love’ to celebrating a union with a beaming 3ft tall ‘Mr & Mrs’ to having ‘thanks’ literally spelled out whilst also marking out favour and gift tables; light up lettering adds a real special and personal touch for any couple who haven’t the time or inclination to start getting their hands dirty with DIY wedding reception touches.

An Idea Worth Raising a Glass To

With so many British wedding receptions involving a tipple (or a few) why not forego favours or the customary flute of champagne and instead mix it up with the addition of a cocktail which makes use of ingredients and flavours that reflect the theme and / or  colours of your big day, or yours and your partner’s personalities?

A wonderfully simple way to bring everyone together by means of providing a literally warming touch, for those wanting to take the idea further, there are a number of hire companies, such as The Bartender Hire Company, who provide specially trained cocktail bartenders to not only create and serve your drinks, but to make the very act of doing exactly that its own entertainment.

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