Wedding gifts your friends will love


The fever of the wedding season is approaching and if you were invited for one of them you would need to get prepared. Finding a proper outfit will not be a huge problem now (its easier to please yourself), but finding a perfect gift can be a real challenge. Its time to forget about all the traditional things and try finding something unique and special for your friends’ big day. Do you need some ideas? We are here to help! As an addition to our list you can also have a look at some stunning ideas at  web site. Please, don’t hesitate to share some of your ideas in comments to help and inspire our readers :)

  1. An experience. Instead of buying something that will be standing on a shelf or in a cupboard (ok, this is the worst scenario) you can give something that will be used….even once. Going through new and exciting experience can become something really memorable. The couple will remember it for years! Its also may become a nice kind of excuse for a romantic break after (or instead of) the honeymoon.
  2. A painting or a piece of art. Of course the complicated part here is in understanding the taste and the style. If you can solve this – congratulations, you’ve found the perfect gift for happily married! Another pro of buying a piece of art is that it may become a nice investment of money and some day even do some benefit. Of course you need to be really smart or lucky to understand which one will become priceless soon.
  3. Favorite service subscription. There are hundreds of services, which make our life better – from razor blades to snacks, food and even transportation. What can be better understanding that you don’t need to pay for Uber for next year or you’ll have 48 surprise boxes of food waiting for you during next few months?

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