Why you should buy gold rings from an ethical source only.


We’ve recently had a conversation with one of our readers and she shared a story how wrong the whole jewelry industry can work. In order to find a perfect engagement ring Regina with her boyfriend made a huge walk around stores on New Bond Street and were making accent on the source of gold and brilliants and 90% of sellers couldn’t answer the simplest questions regarding where the materials came from.

At the end of the day the only 100% working way of buying a ring, which wouldn’t be associated with any war/discrimination/slavery events was going deeper in Google and trying to find the fair sources there. After spending some time we were lucky to find Omigold store from NYC (see more here – http://www.omigold.com ). It has nice collection of rings and all of them are certified as ethically sourced and are made from reclaimed/recycled gold, which is not just “discrimination free”, but also eco friendly.

Why you should buy ethically sourced rings?

  • Metal mining can be environmentally damaging, and miners are not always granted a fair wage or adequate health and safety provisions.
  • “Blood diamonds” do exist and start disappearing from the market, but even non-conflict diamonds may use dangerous and environmentally damaging mining methods and be mined by under-paid workers.
  • There are no fair trade African diamonds yet, but Canadian diamonds are a good bet (they tend to be 5-10 per cent more expensive than African diamonds.)
  • Just as with diamonds and gold, gemstone mines can be dangerous places, with reports of poor wages and poor human rights records.
  • They are not just free from any war/conflict events, but also eco friendly, so can be a great choice for vegan couples as well.

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